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Customer Care for Professionals


6:00 pm

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[B]Chartership: Customer Care, with Sheila Ritchie
16th May 2007
4-6pm, Senate House Library[/B]


This training session offers participants and opportunity to evaluate customer care provision in libraries. It covers those aspects of service which support and maintain a good standard, both directly and indirectly.


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

1. Appreciate why good customer care is essential and how it affects every part of the library service.
2. Distinguish good, bad and indifferent standards of service.
3. Understand how to train staff for good face-to-face communication with users.


A mixture of theory, discussions and exercises, based upon work done before the session by participants.


16.00 Introduction: participants’ libraries, jobs and experience

Why users matter

16.15 Exercise: how to distinguish good, bad and indifferent customer service

17.00 Encouraging and training staff to provide a consistent, good level of service

17.45 Review

18.00 End of session

Pre-session Preparation

Please go into a library, preferably other than the one you work in, and make notes on:

* the reception area and general layout
* signage, notices and location plans
* counter staff

and any other aspects relevant to you making use of that library.

Bring these notes with you; they will help us to get a varied picture of how libraries cater for their users.

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