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Leadership Development: Lessons For Aspiring Leaders – Session 2 [Event Ref. No. TG4/LEDEV2]


4:30 pm

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Leadership Development: Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Cpd25 is delighted to offer this new and original opportunity to staff already in a management role. This series of four sessions can be booked either as a complete programme or individually, and is aimed at managers with some experience who are looking to develop their skills with a view to moving into a more senior role. This exciting programme will address challenges within the Higher Education environment and will include:

• Looking at the differences between leadership and management
• Cultivating a strategic approach
• Developing skills and self-confidence in challenging situations
• Looking at future careers and moving on.

The first three sessions will be facilitated by Beryl Morris and the final one by Level Headed, both very popular trainers with cpd25 attendees.

The four sessions are:

Session 1: Moving Beyond Management (a one-day course): Wednesday, 3rd February 2010

• Welcome and introductions

• Leadership or management: Defining the difference
– Geeks or geezers: Leadership styles and skills

• Seeing the big picture: Cultivating a strategic approach
– Understanding your organisation’s culture and identifying internal and external influences
– What does this mean for our service … and our staff?

• Raising the profile of our service and improving our visibility

• Acting as a catalyst for change and taking people with you

• Tools and techniques for problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

Session 2: Dealing with Challenges: When the Going gets Tough! (a half-day course): Monday, 15th February 2010 (Afternoon)

• Welcome and introductions

• You’ve inherited a challenge! Taking a positive approach to negative situations such as problems with performance, disaster management, coping with ambiguity, etc.

• Meaning what we say and saying what we mean

• Maintaining our skills and self confidence
– Practical ways to bounce back and find sources of support.

Session 3: Taking Skills & Confidence Forward: Focus on the Future, Managing Ourselves and our Careers (a half-day course): Tuesday, 23rd February 2010 (Afternoon)

• Welcome and introductions

• Future proofing our careers: Keeping ourselves up to date

• CV and interviews: Presenting ourselves to maximise impact

• Maintaining a balance: Making time for what really matters

• Finding sources of personal and professional development

• What next? Action planning session.

Session 4: Influencing & Persuading at a High Strategic Level (a one-day course): Tuesday, 2nd March 2010

This session will enable participants to become more influential over internal and external audiences. It is aimed at managers who are already competent communicators, but who have had little or no training in influencing. The course will be tailored to those attending and a pre-course questionnaire will be issued to everyone taking part to maximise the benefit of the event. Potential areas covered can include how to:

• Define influence, and identify when to employ it

• Distinguish between push and pull influencing

• Use the 6 principles of influence to your advantage

• Identify the right people to influence

• Build a network to expand your circle of influence

• Plan and prepare to influence an individual or a group

• Use a range of influencing techniques to exert influence in various situations.

The venue for all the sessions is Room B211, Brunei Gallery at SOAS:

Please note that there are limited places available for these events.

To book a place please use our online booking form or email the administrator via

For members: £360 for all four sessions, £125 per whole day event or £75 per ½ day event.

For non-members: £400 for all four sessions, £145 per whole day event or £85 per ½ day event.

Cancellations less than one week before the event will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. In the event of a ‘no-show’ on the day, the full fee will be charged.

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