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Statement on Values and Inclusion

The M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries is a collaborative organisation that works to improve library and information services within the M25 region and more widely across the East and South East. Its aim is to provide services and resources for the benefit of library staff, learners and researchers.


To inspire and transform the working lives of all members and member libraries whilst respecting their diversity. We act as the voice of academic and scholarly libraries in the M25 region supporting all members in their personal, professional and institutional development through cooperative and collaborative endeavours.


The M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries and its cpd25 professional development programme provide development opportunities for all library staff working in M25 member institutions.

The M25 Consortium is dedicated to providing a positive, inclusive and equitable environment for all.


The M25 Consortium seeks to provide a safe environment in which diversity is respected, and where all participants may learn, connect, and share experience with colleagues in mutual recognition. We acknowledge that it is our shared responsibility to create and nurture this environment for the benefit of all.

We invite you to help make our events welcoming and respectful to all participants.

All participants at M25 and cpd25 events are asked to frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible, and to be mindful of how our use of language and images and of how our behaviours may be perceived by others.


  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Collaboration, community and shared purpose
  • Social justice, mutual trust and respect
  • Sustainability and environmental protection
  • Academic freedom
  • Equality of access to information
  • Integrity, professionalism and professional ethics