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Libraries are for learning? – Managing student behaviour in the 21st century [Event Ref. No. TG4/LAL]


4:30 pm

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It’s not like it was in our day…while students are twittering and drinking coffee and chatting to friends in the Library or on the phone they are learning and multi-tasking and studying at the same time. Or are they? Do libraries still need to set boundaries for student behaviour in order to keep the library an appropriate place for learning without looking out of date?

In the morning session Ash Charlton from Acenterprise will explain why we do need to do this and give us some techniques for successfully managing potentially disruptive behaviour. He will encourage us to better understand student behaviour, to see where students are coming from and appreciate the pressures that they are now under. He will involve attendees in setting a potentially negative scene positively and in dealing with any difficult situations that do arise. There will also be the opportunity to look at some short case studies and share good practice with colleagues.

In the afternoon, Cathy Walsh, Associate Director (Services) at UEL, Helen Cocker, LSE User Services Manager/Richard Collings, LSE Services Development Manager, will talk about their experiences in implementing good library practices to improve the learning experience for all students. They will look at how important the Library building and its facilities (including rubbish bins) are and how good communication can go a long way. There will then be a short tour of the Library showing the LSE’s use of banners and posters to zone different areas of the Library.


9.00 – 9.30: Registration with tea, coffee & biscuits

9.30: start

Ash Charlton of ACENTERPRISE:
* Assertiveness
* conflict resolution
* emotional intelligence

13.00 – 13.45: Lunch

Case studies of good practice:
* Cathy walsh, UEL
* Helen Cocker/Richard Collings, LSE

16.00 – 16.15: Summary

16.15 – 16.45: Tour of LSE Library.

Attendees should go away reassured that issues around student behaviour are common to all academic libraries and armed with ideas and techniques to use in their own libraries.

Venue: Room R301, The Library, London School of Economics & Political Science

Please note that there are limited places available for this event.

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