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4:00 pm

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Free LMN event on ‘Peer to peer Communication’ on Friday 9th February 2007 at Woburn Conference Hall from 2-4pm
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Peer-to-Peer (p2p) networking is an evolving communications paradigm aimed at building large distributed applications focused on the ideas of community of common interest. Peer groups represent dynamically evolving communications topologies, known as overlay networks, over an underlying communications infrastructure. This inherent dynamic in p2p applications has consequences for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who can then experience rapidly varying traffic patterns, which can adversely impact the network performance perceived by all applications (p2p and others).

LMN is pleased to address potential network instabilities and degradation by increasing use of p2p applications as well as provide an insight into effective management of p2p networking. This event will be chaired by Andrew Cormack, Chief Regulatory Advisor from UKERNA. Microsoft Research will also cast light upon future trends of p2p in education. Two academic institutions will also present their own trials and tribulations with p2p. Finally, LMN will host a debate with all of the speakers on p2p employment by academic institutions followed by networking drinks and nibbles.

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