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cpd25 Guide to Task Group Membership

cpd25 is governed by its Chair and Working Group, each member of which leads a Task Group responsible for a particular area of staff development, details of which can be found in the links on the left of this page.

The Chair of cpd25 will be a co-opted member of the M25 Consortium Steering Group and invited to attend meetings of the M25. The cpd25 Chair will ensure that each Task Group maintains a reasonable balance of membership (in terms of such aspects as experience, role and library type) and an appropriate number of members to achieve the Task Group’s work effectively.

Membership of Task Groups will be open to all staff in M25 member institutions. Task Group members are normally from a cross-section of member institutions, job roles and levels. Task Group work is supported by a cpd25 Coordinator. The cpd25 Coordinator acts as secretary at Working Group and Task Group meetings. Each group meets approximately 3-4 times per year and there is an annual cpd25 planning event when potential topics are considered to inform the following academic year’s programme planning.

cpd25 Task Group Member Job Description

The main responsibilities of Task Group members are to:

  • Attend and contribute to meetings at which the group’s events and visits are planned and reviewed.
  • Organise or co-organise events and/or visits as agreed by the group.
  • Find and brief speaker(s); establish their needs, e.g. equipment, travel expenses, fee if appropriate and date availability.
  • Liaise with the Coordinator who will find a suitable venue and organise any necessary catering.
  • Use the speaker and event templates provided to keep the Coordinator informed of all the relevant details prior to the event.
  • Draft publicity text including audience and aims, programme with timings and short speaker biographies; ensuring that this reaches the Coordinator a minimum of 6 weeks before the event.
  • Keep the Task Group Chair informed of the general progress of event planning between meetings as appropriate and contact them for suggestions in case of difficulty.
  • Attend events and/or visits organised, to observe their effectiveness and to support the administrator as necessary; deputise on occasions when the organising member or administrator is unable to attend.
  • Review the feedback from the event and report back to the task group at the following meeting.
  • Attend and contribute to the cpd25 planning event and other events for Task Group members where possible.

The number of events organised by each Task Group varies. For example, some events may run regularly from year to year, some may involve the hiring of one consultant for the day, while others may require the original planning of a coherent programme consisting of several speakers.

The expectation of each member is that that they will organise one or two events per year, according to the effort involved, and in some cases a visit in addition. Task Group members will be expected to attend the event they are responsible for organising and will usually be supported on the day by the Coordinator, other M25 support staff or an additional Task Group member. Members are encouraged to organise events in pairs. Task Group members do not necessarily require direct expertise or a large number of contacts in the fields covered by the group. Colleagues and Task Group members will often advise on potential speakers.

If you are interested in joining one of the cpd25 Task Groups please email the cpd25 Coordinator: giving a few lines of information about yourself i.e. your current position and interests, plus the skills & experience that you could bring to the group.