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Members’ Rights and Responsibilities

This page is designed to inform current and prospective members of the Consortium about the rights and responsibilities agreed to when an institution undertakes membership.

a) Members can expect that the Consortium will:

  • Provide a collaborative forum for innovation, partnership and mutual support, the exchange of experience, the transmission of expertise and professional development
  • Market resource discovery, resource sharing and access to services so as to enable a greater use of Libraries and information resources across the region to the benefit of students, academics and members of the public;
  • Co-operate with other bodies having similar objectives

b) Members are expected to understand and support the core values of the M25 Consortium

“To co-operate in the effective enhancement of library services and staff development in order to improve availability of and access to information and learning resources for the combined constituencies of publicly funded higher education and related institutions located within the M25 region”

c) Members are expected to understand and support the vision and mission as defined in the M25 Strategy.

The vision of the Consortium is

  • to enhance collaborative expertise in and around the M25 to inspire our members to deliver transformational change in order to offer the best possible services supporting academic and scholarly endeavour.

The mission of the Consortium is

  • to play a significant role in ensuring that academic library services within our region are well placed to maximise the opportunities of the present and respond to the challenges of the future

d) Members are expected to support and take part in the core activities of the M25 Consortium. These are defined as:

  • Resource discovery activities and services, primarily providing the required data to the M25 Support Team and arranging a link to library catalogues.
  • Access schemes as agreed by the Consortium, subject to eligibility. Currently the Access25 scheme.
  • M25 Consortium members who are not members of SCONUL will be expected to join the Access25 Scheme and other (SCONUL) members will be expected to recognise Access25 cards and provide borrowing at the same level as that offered to other external members.
  • Staff development activities and services offered through cpd25
  • Disaster recovery support as defined in the M25 Consortium Mutual Support agreement
  • Collaboration and partnership activities
  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  • Nomination of contacts for Consortium mailing lists

It is expected that there may be some legitimate exemptions, which will be subject to approval of the Consortium, but these should not preclude members from joining in the full range of activities.