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Annual Conference

The M25 Consortium’s 2023 annual conference took place virtually on Wednesday 14th June. The theme was ‘Sustainability and kindness’ and considered the broad and often connected themes of environmental sustainability and kindness – both to each other and to the environment we all depend on. What role can M25 libraries play in supporting both institutional and international sustainability goals? How can the collective actions of individual users and library staff deliver positive benefits for the environment?  What successful sustainability stories can already be told about M25 Consortium libraries, and what role did a supportive, kind culture play? This event aimed to provide an opportunity to share experiences, initiatives and learning. On the basis that the smallest changes can ultimately have a massive cumulative effect on the global challenge of environmental sustainability, all initiatives are of interest.

Presentations from the day can be viewed here:

2023: ‘Sustainability and Kindness’

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